La Corneta Taqueria: Disappointing and not worth the money


This typical Mexican buffet style restaurant is located on San Carlos Avenue between Laurel Street and El Camino in San Carlos.

Its menu consists of the usual Mexican cuisine from chile rellenos and enchilada plates to beef, chicken, and pork burritos.
Along with a wine and beer selection, they serve Jarrito sodas and the generic brands.

With the buffet style serving, the ordering process won’t take longer than a minute or two unless you are ordering a large quantity in which case the line becomes backed up and begins to have delays.

Overall the employees were kind and respectful.

The building size is oversized for what type of restaurant it is leaving an empty feeling to it. It is fine for any size party and does have two flat screen televisions.

I ordered a super chicken burrito, which contained lettuce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream and salsa. Although I ordered the spicy chicken, it seemed to be deeply lacking in the spice compartment as well as seeming to be dull in flavor and a bit dry.

As a side, I ate a combination plate of chile rellenos and spicy chicken enchiladas. Like the burrito, the spice and flavor seemed to be missing.

In general if you are the type that likes some kick to your food and has a taste for a lot of flavor, than La Corneta may not be the right restaurant for you.

Overall 2/5 stars
Service: fast
Party size: any
Good for kids: yes
Seating capacity medium/large