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May 21, 2020

Photo taken with a DSLR camera. (Josh Barde)
Photo taken with an iPhone in Landscape mode. (Josh Barde)

With the new wide-angle camera on the iPhone, landscape shots can capture a lot more of the scenery than before. In good lighting, the iPhone can also pick up more details, creating an all-around high-quality photo. 

For instance, the iPhone picture above looks similar to the one by the DSLR, even on the horizon and in the background. Also, the blues in the sky and water are much more dramatic than in the DSLR. 

“Everyone has a pretty dang good camera in their pocket at all times now. It will be interesting to see how close [iPhones] can get to being a fully functional camera,” said Chris Burkard, a professional photographer. 

For any regular iPhone user, they may not need a full DSLR camera, as the camera on their phone is often sufficient enough. 

“iPhones are expensive. However, most people need a phone; they don’t need a camera. If you can have both in one, not only is it worth the money, but it’s also super convenient,” Pedersen said. 

It’s evident that Apple has stepped up their game when it comes to camera technology, and even if they aren’t entirely on par with a DSLR, they are getting pretty close.

Bartee said, “For most people, without question, the iPhone is the camera that makes the most sense to carry. It’s what I carry if I am headed out the door for a casual night with friends. It’s a camera you can have with you all the time and not have to think about it.”

About the Photographer
Photo of Josh Barde
Josh Barde, Production Editor
Josh Barde is a senior at Carlmont High School. He plays for his school's soccer and lacrosse team, so he knows quite a bit about sports and is passionate about them. He also enjoys photography and creating videos for ScotCenter.

Twitter: @joshbarde

Portfolio: Josh Barde Photography

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