Lazy days for Scots


Gabriella Pons wearing a common "comfy day" outfit

With the loads of homework and stress placed on students, many students have stopped putting effort into what they wear to school.

The desire for sleep in these vigorous high school years seems to trump anything else, including one’s dress.

Freshman Emily Morales said, “I just put on whatever is convenient and fits for the weather for that day.”

Convenience struck a chord with many students as to why dressing in a more laid-back fashion was preferable, along with comfort.

When asked what she usually wears on a typical school day, sophomore Gabriella Pons responded “Usually spandex pants and a sweatshirt. It’s so comfortable. It’s just school and there’s nobody to impress.”

However, junior Maddie Holbrook dislikes this style of dress. She dresses up a bit more than the average student for school, wearing jeans and a nice top on most days. When asked why she exclaimed, “I don’t want to look like a hobo!”

Although Holbrook associates comfy dressing with “looking like a hobo”, some students, such as senior Francesco Nucci, believe that comfy and presentable can coincide.

When asked about his usual every day outfit, Nucci said “Usually jeans and a hoodie. I keep it classy. It’s comfy and it looks good.”

Clearly students have different opinions of what is acceptable dress for school, but the traditional “comfy” outfits will be here to stay regardless, as the need for sleep and convenience is highly prevalent within Scots’ lives.


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Gabriella Pons wearing a common “comfy day” outfit
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