Local store robbed at gunpoint

Local store robbed at gunpoint

A little before 6:18PM on Jan. 9, an armed suspect wearing a baseball cap and scarf covering his face, entered the doors of Walgreens.

The described stocky, Hispanic raced male, entered the store carrying a dark duffel bag as well as a hidden semi-auto handgun.

The man waited by the office for the store’s manager. The man then flashed the handgun to the manager and commanded him into the office. He forced the manager to open the Walgreens’ safe, in which the suspect took all the money. The stranger ordered the manager to not call the police and to remain in the office. The robber then walked through the store and southward.

Although the San Carlos location is no stranger to robberies due to the 2006 incident, residents are still shocked. Beth Beiers, a resident who was there during the crime, stated, “On my way home from Walgreens, I heard a lot of sirens. When I heard there was a holdup at the same time as I was there, I was very surprised. It’s one of those things where you don’t think about what you would do in the situation.”

The county sheriffs are still looking for the armed robber.