Lorenzo’s Sandwich Shop a great choice


A sandwich personalized by Claudia Leist.

A sandwich personalized by Claudia Leist.

Lorenzo’s Sandwich Shop is located right off Ralston Avenue across from the Carlmont Shopping Center. This small family-owned sandwich spot always seems to have a line of people outside of it.

At Lorenzo’s, customers have the choice between 24 different sandwiches or the option of making their own.  In the 24 different options, one can can choose from some of the most classic kinds of sandwiches for a  good price. Although with the option of making a personalized sandwich,  things can get more complicated depending on each individual’s taste.

During my personal experience at Lorenzo’s, I chose the egg salad sandwich on wheat bread with tomatoes and lettuce. Overall, the sandwich was really great, worth the wait, and a good price. The vegetables tasted extremely fresh and complimented the egg well.

As for drinks, they don’t have a soda machine but instead they have a small array of standard soda brands like Coke along with other drinks including Snapple.

Because of the high popularity of their sandwiches, there’s usually a line of people outside waiting to get in. This line can take anywhere from five to 20 minutes, but the friendly on site staff makes the experience a lot more enjoyable.

“It’s a great place to go on minimum days to get a good sandwich to eat, the only problem is there’s always a bunch of other kids in line and it takes forever. They should expand the store,” said sophomore Parsa Padidar.

Lorenzo’s is a great place to get a bite to eat, especially if one wants something conveniently located near Carlmont high school.

Overall: 4/5 stars
Space: 1/5 stars
Service: 5/5 stars
Price: $