Makeup Madness

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Does the need girls have to wear makeup say something about society?

It seems that way. There is a certain image girls have to live up to, whether it be for themselves or for others.
High school is an especially tiresome time for everyone. Between class, homework, and extracurriculars, its amazing girls find time to even maintain their appearance.

For most, getting ready for school is a no-hassle process. Throwing on whatever they can find and dashing out the door to make sure they got that extra 15 minutes of sleep.

If high schoolers are always so tired and so stressed, why do girls wear makeup to school and who are they trying to impress? If no one notices it and no one cares, why do girls go through all the trouble?

Freshman Elena Mateus commented, “I [wear makeup] so I feel good about myself. I usually only wear eyeliner, but it makes me feel good and makes me happy knowing I look good.”

For some, wearing makeup is not about impressing boys or peers, it’s about feeling confident and self assured. When girls dress up for a special occasion, they want to know they look good to maintain poise and courage.

Senior Kayla Wright said, “I don’t personally wear makeup to school because I’m comfortable in my own skin. But a reason I wear makeup sometimes is to just look nicer. I understand why it goes against people’s morals but I personally don’t see the problem with makeup unless a girl relies on it to believe she is beautiful.”

Wright poses an interesting question; do girls depend on makeup to maintain their self confidence and is that something society should allow?

In the media and in magazines, society presents an image of the typical girl: perfect skin and flawless make up.

Some girls wear makeup because that is what society expects to see. Even in high school, a community of teenagers all facing the same problems and all under the same pressures, girls wear makeup to hide any sign of stress from their peers.

We expect to see flawless faces and perfect features, and we expect that girls will hide blemishes and acne, even though every other teenager is facing the same problems on their own face.

Despite contrary belief, most boys don’t notice the difference. Eighty three percent of Carlmont boys polled said it does not bother them when a girl is not wearing make up.

Junior Franklin Rice commented, “If a girl doesn’t wear makeup then I won’t notice, and probably won’t care either. But if a girl plasters her face with cosmetic products, she’s sure to catch my attention. I would choose the first over the second any day. Makeup is fine in moderation but unnecessary in large quantities for an average day at school. Find a balance and stick to it.”

Make up should not be a mask to hide behind. Its purpose is not to cover your features, but rather to show them off.

Junior Isabella Sziraczky commented, “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wearing makeup. But I think a lot of girls hide behind their make up because of insecurities. It’s supposed to define and enhance your features, not cover them up. You should love the way you look no matter what.”

If society wants girls to wear makeup, then are we wearing makeup to fit in? Girls shouldn’t wear makeup just to fit into society. Since girls are used to comparing themselves to celebrities and the media, they feel the pressure to conform.

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