Mission Prom 2012: accomplished


a group of Carlmont students pose for a pre-prom picture

The night that many high-schoolers anticipate for most of their lives had finally come: Prom night. The gowns, the tuxedos, the limos, the dancing, the endless hours of preparation- would it all live up to expectations?

This year, Prom took place at the Hotel Sofitel  in Redwood Shores, similar to previous years. The theme was “At the Stroke of Midnight,” and the hotel had a few decorations accordingly.

Senior Cameron Mortensen attended Prom his junior year as well and noted, “[Junior Prom] wasn’t that different, but this year’s was only worse because of the music.”

“I thought the music was kinda cruddy. There was Dubstep and it was weird. I’m into the ghetto music, so I liked when they played “Ayy Ladies,” said Mortensen.

Like Mortensen, junior Nick Monteiro did not enjoy the music either.  “I didn’t like most of the music they played, it was silly, like when they played Justin Bieber.”

Although the music choices were not appealing to many, most still agreed they had a good time.

“It was fun. I was originally not planning on going because it was really expensive, but then all my friends decided to go so I decided to go as well. I have to say I’m glad I went,” said Monteiro.

The fun doesn’t just begin at Prom. For many the fun begins in the hours spent primping oneself to perfection for the event.

“Getting ready took most of the day…But it’s Prom so everyone wants to look perfect. It was actually one of my favorite parts of Prom,” confessed junior Shannon Dooley.

“It’s fun, like ‘GTL’ the entire day,” said Mortensen.

However, the idea of Prom did not appeal to all. Junior Eric Smith said, “I didn’t go this year. It was really expensive and didn’t sound too fun. I’ll probably go next year though.”

The price proved to be a deterrent for many students as the ticket prices ranged from $65 all the way up to $90. Along with the many expenses that come along with Prom, such as dresses, tuxes, shoes, corsages, and boutineers, many families found themselves spending a small fortune for prom.

Even with the economy in its miserly state, Prom is a long-honored tradition in America that many families will still put out the money for regardless of the cost for years to come.

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a group of Carlmont students pose for a pre-Prom picture
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