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Nirali Patel – Unique Remedy

While running a business, it is a common struggle for each entrepreneur to manage their time. Leaving time for other activities outside of work is difficult. Nirali Patel, a licensed acupuncturist and owner of Unique Remedy has dealt with this issue firsthand. 

“When you have your own business, you are your own moneymaker,” Patel said. “It’s hard to balance when I’m busy because it’s like, do you rest and take care of yourself? Do you find time to be social? Do you nourish yourself and find time to cook? And it tends to be hard to balance.” 

Keeping track of your finances without a steady income is hard work. In large corporate companies, there is base pay, whereas in running a business, nothing is ensured unless you work for it. 

So it’s like there are different ways of starting your own business. It doesn’t have to be the one traditional way, but definitely do it.”

— Nirali Patel

As a result, independent business owners often work longer and sleep less. According to Small Business Trends, roughly 58% of small business owners report feeling sleep-deprived. In comparison, only about 40% of corporate employees reported feeling the same. 

Because of these difficulties, having the right mentality is essential. Organization and diligence are two components needed to pursue a successful business. Patel embodies these qualities wholeheartedly, helping her be more efficient. 

“For my job, as an acupuncturist, with patients and insurance billing, I always make sure to have a template…because without it, you’ll spend hours on it where you could have spent 10 minutes instead,” Patel said. “I tend to do everything beforehand… and I think it serves me very, very well.”

Over time, Patel has built a successful business. For her, being a female business owner is something she is incredibly proud of, and she feels lifted up by other women who she serves.

“There’s a lot of females who want to go to a female-owned business, and it’s a source of pride,” Patel said.

Working for your own business can be difficult, but for many, the result is worth it. Patel has found the experience extremely fulfilling and encourages others to try if they wish. 

“Go for it…It’s gratifying and enriches your life when you’re doing something that is your passion. It’s healing,” Patel said.

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