Peacock’s Koriander a great choice

Peacock’s naan and chicken

Peacock’s Koriander, an Indian restaurant, is located off Ralston behind the Belmont Fire Station. Recently established under new management, Koriander has picked up in attraction from locals. The ambiance and service makes this a great place to sit down and eat with family or friends.

Without a buffet option, everything is ordered off a menu,  with various different options differing in levels of spice. During my experience, I ordered the chicken 65, chicken tikka massala, and a side of naan. The chicken 65 had an authentic Indian taste to it, but the chicken tikka massala was a little on the dry side. The naan went well with both of the dishes, and overall completed the meal.

For the most part, there is always space there, even on Saturday nights. They do not have a full bar service, but they do keep a line of sodas and fresh drinks. Mariko Orii, at sophomore at Carlmont High school said “When it’s really hot, I love having mango lassi’s because they’re cold and taste sweet.”

Overall, Koriander has a more formal ambiance compared to a chain restaurants, along with an accommodating staff. The price range is a decent amount in comparison to the food portions given.

Out of 5

Overall: 4

Seating: 5

Family Friendly: 5

Service: 4

Food Quality: 3