Pedestrian killed on Ralston Avenue


A woman died on Ralston Avenue on Dec. 11 after being struck by a vehicle. This middle-aged woman was jaywalking across the street upon being hit by a 1983 Chevrolet, driven by a 20-year-old Belmont male resident.

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Further information of the cause of the collision is still being investigated with the help of the driver as well.

This is not the first traffic indecent where pedestrians have been harmed. Jackie Li, a junior who has recently got her license, has heard about the accident and has experienced near-accidents as well.

“They don’t even look before they cross!” Li exclaimed. “Now that I drive, there has been so many times where pedestrians have just jumped out on the street recklessly. It doesn’t surprise me that someone got hit.”

In order to prevent accidents in the future, Belmont is taking action on Wednesday, Dec. 14. The Belmont Police Department will be hosting a “Pedestrian Safety Operation” between the hours of 8:30am and 2:30pm in several locations in Belmont.

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