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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Popularity with Apple products

Popularity with Apple products

   Apple is almost everywhere, from iPods to iPads, there seems to be more iProducts than people.

   According to a CNBC poll, typical U.S. homes have more Apple products than married couples or children. At this time, about half of all American households have at least one of these Apple products.

  But now some people are starting to wonder what is so special about Apple, how it rose to popularity, and when its popularity will end.

   In 1976, Apple was created by Steve Wozniak and the late Steve Jobs beginning with the Apple 1 computer. With the creation of the iPod in 2001, Apple was officially on the technology map.

  By 2007, over 100 million iPods were selling at a time.

  With the first iPod Touch and iPhone, the app store became a huge success. On March 5, Apple announced that over 25 billion apps have been purchased.

  Since then the iPad, has arrived in Apple stores all over the world.

   Within the first three days of the latest release of the new iPad, Apple sold over three million units, making it “the strongest iPad launch yet.”
During these types of new releases, some people have even camped outside of Apple stores just to be one of the first buyers.

  Interestingly enough, although Apple had made the option to “pre-order” an iPhone 4S, many people still waited in line for over 10 hours just to get it.

  Waiting in line for a new release was never really common for the Microsoft company.

     As Apple’s long time competitor, Microsoft has been neck and neck with the Apple company. But recently, Microsoft has been pushed to the side when new Apple computers were put out on the market.

   “I prefer PC over Macs, because Macs are just too expensive,” related Jake Freiermuth.

   “I think that Microsoft still has some customers,” stated Claire Khoury, “but when they want to upgrade, they usually go for Apple.”

   Even with the death of Jobs, Apple has not slowed down, but instead, continues to make progress in the world of technology.

  Regarding Apple’s rise to popularity, many online blogs state that it could be accredited to its operating system, virus protection, good quality, shapely design, or user friendly programs.

   Some students have their own similar opinions, “iPods are ranged at a good price and provides a better product than a Zune or a different MP3 player,” said Matt Rouse.

     But how long can the world’s obsession with Apple products last?

   “I think that it will last a long time,” said Khoury.

   A number of people also agree with Freiermuth, “Apple will stay popular until a different company makes better products.”

   Apple also has many unswerving fans who almost worship their local stores, often attempting to compel other people to jump on the Apple bandwagon with them.

  “Society lives with Apple products today,” stated Rouse. “But not everyone today should feel pressured to have them.”

   “I think that there is pressure to keep up with new Apple products,” related Khoury. “Sometimes it seems like everyone has an iPhone!”

   Some students also view the Apple iPad as a great alternative to the heavy textbooks.

  “An iPad would be more convenient,” answered Khoury. “It would be less weight and would be easier to flip pages. I would totally choose an iPad over textbooks!”

   In the end, Apple success is exhibited by its loyal customers that continue to use and support Job’s original vision for his company.

  Still, Apple’s current strategy for attracting new customers and keeping them, seems to bring many benefits to the company. Whether or not they will be able to keep up with the never ending technology demand is a whole other story.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
Popularity with Apple products