Rising popularity of country concerts

Many Carlmont students enjoy going country concerts over the spring and summer, while others wonder what the appeal is for these students.

Junior Shawna McDonough commented, “I love country concerts because it is a fun environment where you get to see a lot of people that you have not seen in a while and you can meet new people. Everyone is usually friendly and there’s always great music.”

Junior Haley Smith agreed, “I like country concerts because the singers that come to Shoreline are really entertaining and lots of people you know go. It is really fun.”

While many people enjoy the atmosphere of country concerts, others have a different opinion.

“I know a bunch of people like to go to country concerts, but I do not really see the point in paying that much money just for the atmosphere,” commented junior Abbey Holman.

Some students think country concerts are well worth the money to enjoy the music and environment while others think it is just a waste of money.

Even though it may seem obvious that people go to listen to the music, there are also many other reasons.

Students go to these concerts for many reasons, one of which is for drinking alcohol.

An anonymous source stated, “The real reason many people like to go country concerts is to drink alcohol. When you get into the actual concert, everyone is already drunk and you do not even hear the music until you start sobering up about 30 minutes before the concert is over, but it is really fun to take pictures and see all of them after.”

A big part of country concerts for many people is the environment, often including the drinking.

Some students admit that they use concert concerts as an excuse to drink alcohol but others go simply because they love the music.

McDonough continued, “There is great music and it is fun to catch up with old friends and take as many pictures as you can. It is also a lot of fun to take the train up to Shoreline.”

Although some students like country music, others do not show the same enthusiasm.

Junior Mindy Yang stated, “I do not go to country concerts because I do not like country music.”

Many others agree with Yang – they don’t enjoy the type of music.

Marcus Fukuhara said, “I have not been to a country concert, but I still find country music in general good, it is just not my favorite to listen to.”

Many others think s a great way to express their emotions.

“Country music is beautiful. The music helps you connect the body to the soul. The words are smooth and the singers are naturally talented,” commented junior Andrew Durlofsky.

Junior Joe Walters stated, “Country concerts are fun because the music is pretty cool. I really like country music, and that is the only reason I go,” similarly to most students who attend country concerts.

It cannot be denied that a large amount of people go to country concerts, but for many different reasons.

Some students say that they enjoy the atmosphere, and others only go to hear the music that they play, while some are not fond of this type of music at all.

Several artists will be performing at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in the upcoming months.

Zac Brown Band will perform on April 14 and Miranda Lambert will perform on April 27.