Sophomore students attend driver information night at Carlmont


excited parents and students at the meeting

Students and parents filled into the Student Union after sevenlast night for a free DMV driver’s training information meeting setup by the PTSA class of 2014 committee chair Debbie Freeman and Economic Driving School Co-owner Don Myer.

Freeman made it clear that the PTSA did not officially endorse the driver’s school, and that she chose it because of her personal experience with the school.

The meeting supplied informational pamphlets and fliers to parents and student drivers getting ready for their driver’s training.

Myer expressed his credentials as a teacher and discussed the benefits of enrolling student drivers in the Economic Driving School, a local drivers training school based in San Jose.

“Our school is staffed by many credentialed teachers, and offers behind-the-wheel, classroom, and online classes,” Myer explained. “Our website had lots of videos and flash graphics to keep students engaged.”

Myer also explained the various requirements and fees for obtaining a licence, in addition to clarifying the restrictions on newly licenced drivers under 18. He also made parents aware of the 50-hour behind-the-wheel driving requirement that student drivers must complete with their parents. He also explained how drivers ed was no longer a requirement for graduation at Carlmont.

Myer then took a few brief questions from parents before the meeting wrapped up around 8:00 pm.

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