Student perserveres through severe injury

Student perserveres through severe injury

[media-credit id=9 align=”alignnone” width=”300″][/media-credit]    Everyone knows how it feels to experience something that makes them uneasy. Whether it’s confidently shouting out an incorrect answer in class, or simply making a mistake on the road as a new driver. A lot of the time, people are afraid to attempt the action again due to unwanted memories. However, this is not the case for Max Grogan-Crane.

   Max Grogan-Crane has been competitively racing in motocross competitions for the past ten years. Over the summer, Grogan-Crane was severely injured after crashing during a practice run on Santa Clara Fairgrounds. He suffered from two broken hip bones, five broken bones in his back, and a dislocated hip.

   Grogan-Crane underwent an entire month of bed rest, missing a great deal of school in the process. He has been walking for the past three weeks without the aid of crutches and plans on returning to the sport as soon as possible. “I’m going to keep on riding for sure,” said Grogan-Crane, when asked about his plans of return.

   Grogan-Crane is sponsored by Xtrm Sports Network. He competes on a national level as has been to Washington, San Diego, and Las Vegas for competitions.

   “My favorite part is the thrill of racing. It’s the ultimate balance between man and machine,” said Grogan-Crane.

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