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Talking about your feelings is the first step when seeking help.

A light in the darkness: How different Carlmont students cope with struggles

March 16, 2019

DISCLAIMER: This article has themes involving depression, anxiety, and suicide. If these topics are likely to trigger you, it is suggested that you stop reading. “I want to...

‘Courting Darkness’ draws readers in with unique plot elements

November 7, 2018

Elaborate ball gowns, a world of luxury, and a forbidden love story are all elements you’d find in a typical historical fiction book. However “Courting Darkness” embodies a storyline that includes none of those elements. The novel by Robin LaFevers brings realistic historical factors into a genre d...

During the power outage, students congregate in the dark hall.

Construction leaves D-wing in darkness

September 28, 2015

Students and staff in D-wing spent Sept. 28 without power. The power was shut off at Carlmont for construction purposes, but when turned back on, D and E-wing's power stayed...

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