The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.

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Andrea Butler

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer

Andrea Butler is a senior at Carlmont High School and is currently an editor for the newsmagazine in the journalism program. She runs hurdles for track and field and writes book reviews as an excuse to find time to read books during the school year. To check out her portfolio, click here.

Twitter: @andreabutlerr

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Once and Future by Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy is a book that retells the story of Arthur and the Round Table with a futuristic twist.

‘Once and Future’ artfully blends sci-fi and historical fiction together

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer April 30, 2020

It has a medieval tale, reincarnation, magic, and spaceships, as well as a plethora of LGBTQIAP+ representation among the characters. And it all comes together in a cohesive story, which I think is...

We Are Not Free is a book by Traci Chee about 14 teenagers who are second-generation Japanese-Americans and their story during the Japanese internment camps of WWII.

‘We Are Not Free’ reminds society to not forget past horrors

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer April 8, 2020

World War II (WWII) is remembered for the Holocaust. WWII is remembered for being a political and economic turning point for the U.S. However, many Americans forget the oppression that was happening...

In the memoir, Know My Name, by Chanel Miller, she reclaims her identity to tell her story of trauma, transcendence, and the power of words.

‘Know My Name’ reveals the trauma beyond the assault

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer March 17, 2020

In 2018, the #MeToo movement gained momentum. People started to come forward with their stories, even if their assailants weren't punished. Due to a lack of witnesses and substantial evidence, most...

David Safiers YA novel 28 Days comes out on March 10, 2020.

‘28 Days’ questions the ethics that come with being human

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer February 14, 2020

People easily say that they’d save another’s life even if it put them in danger. But unless they were truly in that situation, they wouldn’t know what they’d choose. 16-year-old Mira lives...

The Gravity Of Us by Phil Stamper comes out Feb. 4, 2020.

‘The Gravity of Us’ skillfully integrates romance and an intricate plot

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer January 22, 2020

Getting astronauts to Mars. Discovering the unknown. The joy of space exploration. For many people, this seems to be just a faraway dream of the future, but for Cal Lewis Jr, it’s a reality...

Jennieke Cohens new YA book Dangerous Alliance has many enjoyable elements, but the unlikely personality and mannerisms of the main character ultimately let it down.

‘Dangerous Alliance’ enthralls readers yet falls short of plausible

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer December 12, 2019

A young girl in a historical setting who’s not like the girls around her. A love interest that she’ll turn away in favor of a childhood friend. And a constant reference to Jane Austen novels? Lady...

 Ruta Sepetyss book The Fountain of Silence explores the dangers of Spanish dictator Francisco Francos reign in the years following World War II.

‘The Fountains of Silence’ highlights values of truth and discovery

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer October 16, 2019

The end of World War II. Hitler’s surrender. The return of U.S. troops. A happy ending. For us, at least. But for the Spaniards, their suffering was only beginning.  Ruta Sepetys’s new book...

The Vagina Bible by Dr. Jen Gunter contains information about the vulva and the vagina — separating the myth from the medicine.

Dr. Jen Gunter’s book ‘The Vagina Bible’ educates people and dispels myths

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer September 25, 2019

Elusive, rarely talked about, and somewhat taboo, the word vagina and all knowledge associated with it has often been overlooked in favor of almost anything else. The stigma behind vaginas is rather...

Perhaps whites feel the same way about us as they do about ladybugs. A few are fine but swarms turn the stomach, Jo Kuan said in the book The Girl Downstairs by Stacey Lee.

‘The Girl Downstairs’ offers enjoyment but leaves no lasting impact

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer September 12, 2019

As someone who reads and enjoys young adult novels, I loved this book a lot, but as someone who understands and analyzes texts, I can say with certainty that it is a young adult book. Young adult novels...

“Welcome to life. You’re going to fail, is a central message of the Try Guys first book, The Hidden Power of F*cking Up.

The Try Guys’ new book puts spin on modern philosophy

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer August 27, 2019

Four guys. A myriad of YouTube videos. A lot of regrets. But even more great experiences and failures. Ned Fulmer, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger, and Zach Kornfield are known as the...

A Dogs Journey by W. Bruce Cameron

‘A Dog’s Journey’ stirs up emotions with a touching story

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer May 24, 2019

Some people say that life has no purpose and is an endless journey with no end. The same can’t be said of Bailey, a dog who has been many dogs and knows their purpose. In “A Dog’s Purpose”...

The Dragon Behind the Glass by Emily Voigt.

‘The Dragon Behind the Glass’ dives deep into the world of the arowana

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer May 2, 2019

This animal is illegal in the U.S., sells for up to 300 thousand each, and could be the cause of multiple murders each year. And it’s a fish! More precisely, the Asian Arowana, prized for its color...

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas.

‘The Hate U Give’ shares important message with readers

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer April 11, 2019

Discrimination. Racism. Gangs, drugs, and territory. The same story, just a different century. And Starr Carter is sick and tired of it, but it’s her everyday life. “The Hate U Give”...

You Asked for Perfect by Laura Silverman.

‘You Asked for Perfect’ is a close parallel to students’ reality

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer March 15, 2019

AP courses. Extracurriculars. Volunteer jobs just for the hours. It’s a common scenario for high school students who want to get into competitive colleges, and protagonist Ariel Stone fits the...

Undaunted by Jackie Speier.

‘Undaunted’ inspires with unfiltered emotions and experiences

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer February 26, 2019

Getting shot at point-blank range five times is one thing. Getting back up, re-entering the political landscape, and then writing a book about it is another. Jackie Speier chose to pursue politics...

Rescued by David Rosenfelt.

‘Rescued’ includes a pawsitive side to murder mystery

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer January 30, 2019

A murder in broad daylight with only one possible suspect. An innocent person, framed in cold blood. And 61 dogs. “Rescued," by David Rosenfelt, includes all of these elements as well as a possibly...

Becoming Michelle Obama by Michelle Obama.

‘Becoming Michelle Obama’ broadens horizons with a well-developed story

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer December 7, 2018

Former First Lady. Philanthropist. Environmentalist. Michelle Obama is seen as all of these and more, but what she’s done to become who she is is a mystery to most. “Becoming Michelle Obama”...

Courting Darkness by Robin LaFevers.

‘Courting Darkness’ draws readers in with unique plot elements

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer November 7, 2018

Elaborate ball gowns, a world of luxury, and a forbidden love story are all elements you’d find in a typical historical fiction book. However “Courting Darkness” embodies a storyline that includes...

Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance.

‘Hillbilly Elegy’ depicts new perspective on the white working class

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer October 22, 2018

No viable job opportunities. No decent education for children. No safe neighborhoods. Not even hope for a better future. This could be describing anything from third world countries to ghetto Oakland. It...

Empress of All Seasons by Emiko Jean will be released in print on Nov. 6, 2018

‘Empress of All Seasons’ enchants the mind but not the heart

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer October 3, 2018

An outcast since birth. A yokai in a world where yokai are feared and controlled. A story of acceptance, survival, and revolution. And among the bravery, sacrifice, and astonishing action, there...

Fear by Bob Woodward.

‘Fear’ illustrates the frightening reality of Trump in office

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer September 20, 2018

"Fear" is quite possibly one of the most terrifying things I have ever read.  I’m not versed in politics, nor do I know very much about what goes on behind the scenes. I live in a democratic...

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black.

‘The Cruel Prince’ puts a dark spin on the fairy tale genre

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer September 6, 2018

Imagine living your life with enemies around every corner waiting for you to make a mistake. Then, imagine those enemies are magic-possessing faeries, that you are a human without magic, and that you...

Melina Dimick sorts through forms people and clubs submitted to be a part of Scotsland.

ASB introduces a new end-of-year festival

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer May 13, 2018

Approaching the end of the school year, students will participate in a Scotsland festival, where there will be music, games, and food available to enjoy.  “Scotsland will take place on the field...

Students spontaneously  play spikeball in the quad, and are successful in having a cohesive game, despite just randomly deciding to play.

ASB makes spikeball in the quad open to all

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer April 28, 2018

Laughter bubbles through the air as a group of students play Spikeball in the quad. A person watches and wants to join in. Luckily, Spikeball sign-ups are a thing of the past! Instead of it being...

Valerie Wang works on a project for ASB.

New ASB president brings unique perspective

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer March 24, 2018

Valerie Wang is the first ASB president that hasn’t been a class officer before and the first ASB president that came from the Service Council sector rather than the Activities sector. However, this...

Carlmont dedicates a week to promoting gender equality

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer March 10, 2018

Gender equality is a goal that is being worked toward on a daily basis worldwide. Here at Carlmont, Gender Equality Week is a week where students can appreciate the rights they have and support others...

Student who take a Chinese language class celebrate Chinese New Year by learning about the culture and enjoying a meal.

Heritage Fair brings attention to Carlmont’s diversity

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer February 16, 2018

Heritage Fair is an event that celebrates Carlmont's diversity by showing the students an aspect of the school they don’t usually get to see. To many of those who perform, heritage is more than just...

Many students at Carlmont hope to have block schedule permanently in the future.

Carlmont’s path to a new schedule is blocked

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer February 6, 2018

Imagine having two days a week when you can put off half of your homework until the next day. Imagine only going to half of your classes and therefore having more time to do activities after school. Two...

Sophomore Caroleene Block dressed up for meme day as the confused math lady.

Meme day at Carlmont sparks creativity

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer February 2, 2018

Meme Day encouraged students to think outside the box and go out on a limb to create fun costumes to wear to school. There were so many options of memes for each person to choose from, so a lot of students...

One version of the many posters put up around Carlmont to promote the Winter Formal.

ASB plans this year’s mystical Winter Formal

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer January 19, 2018

To some, high school dances may seem like events that mysteriously plan themselves - but there is another side of the story that most don't know about. Carlmont's ASB does all of the planning for Winter...

This is the dashboard on Canvas; it is the first thing that pops up after logging in.  It shows classes, notifications, and upcoming assignments, but it doesnt show grades.

Canvas receives mixed reviews

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer December 12, 2017

For many students, grades are one of the most important school-related thing, and having easy access to them can be important. This year, Carlmont switched from School Loop to Canvas for grades, assignments,...

Despite what many students believe, the frequent false fire alarms were not caused by students pulling the fire alarm. According to Vice Principal Grant Steunenberg, the heat sensors in the recently renovated kitchen are the reason behind the false alarms.

[Photo] Frequent false fire alarms are a safety concern

November 11, 2017

Despite what many students believe, the frequent false fire alarms were not caused by students pulling the fire alarm. According to Vice Principal Grant Steunenberg, the heat sensors in the recently renovated...

PE Dance students dance Thriller in the quad on Halloween, featuring one student who wore a Michael Jackson outfit.

Students celebrate Halloween in the quad

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer November 2, 2017

Festive music, laughs, and Halloween-themed activities and performances greeted anyone who dropped by the quad during lunch on Halloween. The first performance was an interpretation of Michael Jackson’s...

As part of the renovation, the weight room was expanded.

Weight room construction almost complete

Andrea Butler, Staff Writer October 21, 2017

The wait is over as construction on the weight room is finally close to completion, with students and teachers alike happy to finally be able to use it. Starting next week, the new weight room will have...

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The student news site of Carlmont High School in Belmont, California.
Andrea Butler