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A person holds up a sign protesting the Electoral College system and the outcome of the 2000 election.

Opinion: Count every vote

April 10, 2020

America.  A place where everyone has a say on key issues and can vote for change. A place where everyone's voice is heard. Or so it seems.  Since its approval in 1787, th...

Anti-Trump protests occurred all throughout the country, displaying the worry and fear felt by minority groups. Hopefully, that fear will be used constructively in the future in order to protect the rights of all people in the case that they will be threatened.

Trump is president; Get over it

December 1, 2016

From the first day since Donald Trump's presidency was announced, tens of thousands of people have been pouring into the streets to protest the Electoral College's decision. They ad...

After Clinton called Trump to concede the election, the new President-elect Trump gave a victory speech that thanked his campaign staff and promised fair treatment for Americans.

Trump victory unveils Republican silent majority

November 10, 2016

Holding their breaths, with stomachs clenched, many Clinton supporters turned away from the polling results. Florida had just been lost to Donald Trump, and as far as the Clinton campaign...

With the Electoral College, Americans may not have as much of an influence in the election as they thought they did.

Americans look at the Electoral College with skepticism

October 18, 2016

Election Day is just around the corner. However, many Americans either don't understand or like a key component of the election: the Electoral College. This system, in which app...

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