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The College and Career Center at Carlmont is an additional support system for students as they work towards getting into college.

Student stress builds alongside college expectations

May 4, 2018

Most students go through high school with one goal in mind: get into a good college. While students are focused on getting into college, they create expectations for what their college...

In high school, many students feel pressured to drink at parties or when they’re with their friends.

Peer pressure influences students

February 5, 2017

Think of peer pressure as a recipe. Let’s say one is cooking macaroni and cheese. If a friend misreads the directions, one could end up with gross macaroni or a land...

Seniors Erin Alonso and Elena Mateus go in for a painful dive during a Carlmont volleyball game.

High school athletes crumble under pressure

March 14, 2016

According to the National Alliance for Sports, 70 percent of student athletes quit sports by the time they enter high school. With their rigorous high school schedules, m...

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