Teachers stand up to the education restrictions

English teachers are planning to attend a school board meeting to recognize the increasing loss of teacher control over curriculum and instruction within the classrooms.

The board meeting will take place on Wed., Dec. 7, to discuss the mandatory changes in education. The meeting will be at 5:30 at the Sequoia Union District Office in Redwood City.

This meeting will review the mandatory benchmark exams, pacing guides, and choice of literature and materials.

New measures have already started in ninth and tenth grade English classrooms that are burdening the teachers. These measures were made less strict, but teachers do not like that they cannot control their own class.

Teachers also feel that they cannot control the design of their own class because there have been so many required changes. The new pacing requirement discourages creativity and limits interactive work.

Jade Neyroud, a sophomore in English II, said, “Regular English [class] is supposed to be the same as advanced standing English, except that we go at a slower pace. It’s unfair that we are only allowed to read the textbook.”

There is a possibility that benchmark exams and pacing requirements will also be required for science and social studies classes in the year 2013.

There are many new changes coming to Carlmont, so if anyone feels they need to support their opinion then join the faculty at the board meeting.