Teen Agree: Should parents be allowed to track their child?

Teen Agree: Should parents be allowed to track their child?

[media-credit name=”Eye Phone Group, LLC” align=”alignnone” width=”256″][/media-credit]Teen Agree is a new app for the iPhone and Android that allows parents to enforce driving rules for their children without being directly with them.

The app uses GPS technology to let the parents see where their child is, and how fast they are going at any time.

But not only are the parents tracking their child, but they can set boundaries that the child cannot wander out of, which raises the question, Is this behavior too overbearing?

By the time they are 16 or 17, teens are slowly getting used to the amount of freedom that their parents are giving them, but now this app is making this slight freedom go away by letting parents monitor every move their children make.

There is a contract the children have to agree to that says that they will not speed or text while driving or do anything that could hurt them.

The app allows up to 10 drivers to be added to the parent’s account, and drivers can be added or deleted at any time.

Parents will also receive an alert any time that their child is breaking any of the agreements that they have set up. But once the teen has stopped breaking the agreement, the parents will get another text alerting them.

Teen Agree is available on the Android Market and on the App Store.