The desire to never grow up only exists in Neverland


Megan Tao

Children no longer spend their free time at the park, but rather at the mall or on their cell phones, or even tablets.

The story of Peter Pan and his everlasting childhood has lost its impact on children today.

The idea of “never growing up” has lost its appeal as children forget to just enjoy their childhood.

We’re often asked throughout elementary school: what do you want to be when you grow up?

I remember answers like singer, astronaut, actor, and all other improbable occupations, but now they want a real answer.

By the time we’re juniors, we’re expected to have a few ideas of practical jobs we want to pursue.

According to The New York Times, college preparations has started as early as elementary school.

Each year, children are thinking earlier on in life what job they want to pursue. By freshmen year, they already have a dream college in mind, a few practical jobs worth pursuing, and the classes they need to take to be successful in them.

Not only are children having to worry about how their education will impact their future job, but they’re also facing the horrid social standards.

In elementary school, I couldn’t care less what I was wearing as long as it was something purple, but now I see kids worrying about brand names and whether their clothing is considered cool.

Stores like Forever 21 and Abercrombie have a separate kids line of clothing that looks similar to the clothes they sell for teenagers and young adults, but shrunken down.

In addition to trying to dress the part of a teenager, children are starting to act like teenagers.

Due to all the new technology, children have easier access to social media which, according to Vision, exposes them to more teenage oriented movies, television shows, and magazines.

Influenced by teenage content on the media, children are no longer excited for playdates and family game nights, but desire romantic relationships and would rather spend time with their friends than family.

What happened to being a kid and the biggest worry in life was if there was going to be room on the swing set during recess?

Childhood is such a precious and whimsical time period for those who get to enjoy it properly, but instead children are set on skipping it.

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