What’s up with the wacky weather?

Whats up with the wacky weather?

Fall is upon us and yet there are no cold chilly days, gusts of wind, and dreary clouds hanging in the sky. The weather lately has been unusual compared to the stereotypical  Autumn that we are used to.

As students shed their layers of sweaters and jackets during lunch, they are left wondering “what is going on with this weather?” The past week’s weather forecast has consisted of mid-seventies and cloudless skies. This is not expected as we near the end of October; a whole month and a half of Fall already gone by.

We only received one week of rain though the rest  of the days resulted in t-shirts and shorts.

Some have enjoyed this change towards warmer weather, like Olivia Ong who prefers Summer temperatures. Others dislike their prolonged wait for cooler temperatures and the cozy comfort of huddling by the heater.

But why could this year’s weather conditions be so odd? Some scientists blame global warming; others claim it is merely not average. Whichever the reason, the majority of the population is trying to enjoy  it while they can.

The upcoming averages for November, according to Weather.com, decrease into temperatures around the mid-sixties. So break out your pea coats and scarves, cold weather is in the future. We will soon see the regular patterns of Autumn weather transitioning into or chilly Winter in December.