Why students should embrace social media and how (@Steven_Tsuji)


[media-credit name=”Twitter, Inc.” align=”alignnone” width=”300″][/media-credit]Social media has evolved the world to be more socially interactive with others and has changed the way most people live. Some studies have shown that social networking has a negative effect on students because most become obsessed, but how can social media improve your lifestyle? To have a good experience with social media, there are a few factors that most people don’t address or consider beforehand that can dramatically improve your experience.

Be Yourself: One of the first missed and basic tasks is to be yourself. Every social networking site offers its users to upload a profile image, type in a brief biography, and most even let you to customize the background and input your hobbies and education/work background. To better promote yourself and to connect with others who share similar interests to promote your business, it’s critical to take a few minutes to fill these items in so others can find you via web search or through site tools.

Be Active Daily: People who are active in social media want to follow others who are also active too. To continue carrying an audience and presence, it’s important to update your account at least once a day. Even if it’s just a retweet, to share a post written by another user on Twitter with the people you’re connected to,

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