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Kat Savin, ScotCenter Video Editor


Carlmont is more than just a “white” school.

Carlmont students really value the unique diversity at their school.

“I think it’s great [diversity] because you get different perspectives on different situations around the school,” said Henson Kwok, “You don’t just get one bias, you get everyone’s point of view.”

Having so many different races at the school is very important and is also a learning experience.

“I think Carlmont is lucky to have a variety of races and so many people with different backgrounds because we learn from it and get to have fun activities like the Heritage Fair,” said Nina Wyatt, a junior.

Carlmont is made up of 2,135 students, being a large student body, Carlmont consists of many different races. The school is 55 percent white, 19 percent Hispanic or Latino, 14 percent Asian, 4 percent African American, 3 percent Pacific Islander, 3 percent Filipino, and 1 percent American Indian and Alaska Native.

Having a diverse population plays a very important role regarding the overall environment.

“I think it’s a good thing [diversity] because I went to Tierra Linda and it was all white people and no diversity, but at Carlmont there is so much more diversity,” said freshman Camille Duvalsaint, “I feel more comfortable.”

More than half of the population at Carlmont is white. Most students don’t care about race because they get along with everyone no matter what race.

“I don’t feel any different from someone who is not white,” commented Wyatt.

Many people don’t take race into mind, but how do the minorities feel at Carlmont?

The United States consists of 12.6 percent African Americans, Carlmont only has 4 percent.

“I don’t mind being a minority, I have many friends of different races,” said sophomore Aniles Devoe.

Because students are exposed to so many different cultures and races, many are just used to it.

“It feels regular to me because no one treats me differently because of my race,” said Duvalsaint, “It’s normal.”

Seven out of every 50 Carlmont students are Asian, this is not that many considering the amount of students at Carlmont.

“Being with so many diverse people is normal,” said sophomore Komei Wang.

Students seem to not have a problem with going to such a diverse school.

“Our school doesn’t have that many [Asians] compared to other schools,” said Kwok, “There isn’t anything special or significant about being a particular race because I think this school is so well distributed when it comes to race. I hang out with a lot of friends who are all sorts of races.”
Carlmont has such a good environment with people from all over the world, the students really value the unique diversity at their school.

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