5 Wordle parodies for you


Alaina Armi Alonzo

Someone plays Wordle Archive, one of the many Wordle dupes.

When you finish your daily Wordle game, the feeling is rewarding, exhilarating, and refreshing. You wish that feeling could last forever, and you hate to wait a whole day until your next dose of serotonin. With these five Wordle parodies, happiness can come more than once a day.

Wordle Unlimited
Created by Josh Wardle, Wordle Unlimited is just as it sounds. It is the classic Wordle game with the traditional Wordle rules. A five-letter slot is displayed with six guesses. Using basic Wordle strategies, you must guess the unknown word. What makes this game special is that it’s, unsurprisingly, unlimited! The daily puzzle satisfaction can come multiple times a day with this dupe.

One entertaining Wordle parody would be Letterle, created by Ed Jefferson. The objective of this Wordle dupe is to guess the one special letter out of the 26 in our alphabet. With unlimited tries and no hints, you must do what you can to figure it out. This game has less strategy involved and is more of a fun way to waste your time. However, it is equally as fun as the original.

Expanding his bright idea beyond just a word game, Josh Wardle created Heardle. In Heardle, you must identify the song being played. A play button is displayed, and one second of a random song appears. You can listen to the clip as many times as you please but are only given six written guesses. Using your previous song knowledge, you must try your best to recognize the song and artist.

As the name suggests, Octordle is a basic Wordle game multiplied by eight. The rules are all the same, with green indicating a letter in the right spot and yellow indicating it is in the word but in the wrong location. The twist is that your guesses must apply to each of the eight ongoing games. This game is more challenging but fun when you put your mind to it.

Wordle Archive
Lastly, created by Devang Thakkar, Wordle Archive is a compilation of past Wordle games. The same rules apply. A green letter means it is in the right place, and a yellow letter means it needs to be placed somewhere else. You are still given five letter slots and six guesses per word. This website is especially significant because of the access. You can go back to the first Wordle word if that’s what your heart desires!