6 Korean snacks to try at the H-Mart

The big wide world is a hubbub of thousands of different cultures, thriving and growing. A large part of culture is the food and snacks that bring a smile with just one bite. Many Asian snacks become returning favorites after trying, so here are a few to have a go at in the Hankook Market (H-Mart).  

Honey Butter Chips

Are you looking for a new flavor of chip? Then this snack is the choice for you. Honey Butter Chips offer a unique taste, unlike the usual salty barbecue and cheese flavored chips. Sweet, buttery, and armed with thin crispness, the snack rose to fame in Korea and is a favorite to many. 

Premium Grain Crispy Roll by Kumi 

A combination of a whopping 21 grains, the grain crispy roll is excellent for all occasions. The sweet and oaty taste combined with dainty cream cheese filling fuses into a fit choice for all ages. One can never get enough of these treats. 

Hotteok is a sweet Korean pancake perfect as a winter snack. (hotteok / Republic of Korea / Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0)


You can never go wrong with bread, sugar, and oil. This sweet, traditional Korean snack is made by putting a sugary filling inside stretchy dough and pressing it flat over heat. The chewy texture, warm brown sugar, and nutty savor make it a perfect winter snack. However, don’t hesitate to put it together and enjoy it at any point of the year.

Ppushu Ppushu 

Anyone who’s ever had instant ramen noodles uncooked knows it is a delightfully salty snack. It’s actually so good that an official product was created. Armed with many flavors and seasoning suited to soupless ramen, Ppushu Ppushu is an excellent option if you like heavily sauced snacks. 

Ppeongtwigi comes in many different shapes and sizes. (rice snacks 2 / Jen Leonard / Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Popped rice, Ppeongtwigi.

A longtime Korean favorite, ppeongtwigi is similar to popcorn with a twist. Using various grains instead of corn, it comes in many different shapes and sizes. From round plate shapes to short tubes, individual grains of rice, and more, popped rice is a light snack holding a slight note of natural sweetness. The snack gets its name from a laugh-inspiring banging sound, making it more than just enjoyable to eat.  

Crab Chips by Binggrae

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider the Crab Chips made by the brand Binggrae. These chips are not the typical Western snack, flavored lightly with the distinctive taste of crab. Only bringing the best parts of crab seasoning, this crispy treat comes in multiple flavors in addition to the original.