Students crammed into classrooms

Students crammed into classrooms

Carlmont High School continues to feel the impact of budget cuts as students were welcomed back to school without desks in certain classes as well as significantly larger class sizes and cut classes.

This school year, some students may have to deal with something they have never dealt with before, a lack of desks in their classes.

“In my chemistry class, there are some students who don’t sit on the regular tables because there are too many people and not enough desks,” commented junior Mandy Bonemyer.

Senior Bailey Lambert similarly stated that her English class has too many students and not enough desks.

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Class sizes have also grown significantly to now include well over 3o or 40 students per class. Having too many students in one class can often lead to distractions ultimately hindering ones class grade.

“Both my AP Government class and my AP Physics class has more than 40 students,” said senior Gloria Cruz

Due to budget cuts, Carlmont was forced to cut various classes including senior electives such as Mythology, Creative Writing and Shakespeare.

“I was planning to take Mythology or Shakespeare this year and I was very disappointed when they were cut because it didn’t give us a choice like the seniors before us had,” stated Cruz.

The large class sizes, insufficient desks and cut classes are only some of the ways that budget cuts are affecting Carlmont High School and its students.



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