Air Force leaders behind the preparation of flyovers

Preston Kwok

Preston Kwok, Segment Producer

The organization of military flyovers is no simple task. Many people are behind this enormous job but there are two leaders in the Air Force that take charge of this planning. Katie Spencer and Lt Col Christopher McAlear work very closely to organize flyovers for huge events such as the Super Bowl.

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Bomber trifecta perform flyover at Super Bowl LV“, by Airman 1st Class Jacob Wrightsman, licensed under CC0

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Meet Thunderbird 7“, by Senior Airman Breanna Carter, licensed under CC0

Vegas Goes Blue Tribute“, by Staff Sergeant Cory Bush, licensed under CC0

Super Bowl LV Flyover“, by Technical Sergeant Jensen Stidham, licensed under CC0

SBLV Flyover“, by Senior Airman Ashley Perdue, licensed under CC0

NBC News

Air Force Reserve Week ends with an enlistment over Niagara Falls“, by Technical Sergeant Lucas Morrow, licensed under CC0

336th Recruiting Squadron in Action“, by Technical Sergeant Timothy Gallagher, licensed under CC0

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

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