Apple and Guitar Center partner up to provide free music producing classes

Earlier this month, Apple established a partnership with Guitar Center stores to offer free music producing classes to the public.

For those who are not familiar with computers to professionals, Guitar Center will host free GarageBand workshops every Saturday to teach people how to use Apple’s software to record high-quality music.

“Even if you don’t know an insert from an input, modern technology makes it easy to produce great-sounding recordings at home,” Guitar Center stated on their website.

The classes will take place in a four week cycle at all Guitar Center location every Saturday beginning at 10AM. The first class “Signal Flow and Microphone Techniques,” which took place on May 7, focused on the basics of recording with computer programs. The other three programs offered by Guitar Center are: Effects, Mixing and Publishing and Virtual Instruments and Loops.

Because the first lesson already took place, Guitar Center will have the same session again on June 4 for those who need a re-fresher or missed the class.

“There are four basic workshops. Miss one? Want a refresher? No problem. Come on back and catch it again,” the company stated on their website.

If you decide after the session you want to buy GarageBand to produce your own music at home, it is required to have a Mac or MacBook laptop.

All Apple computer products come with GarageBand for free, but Apple’s professional software, Logic Studio, can be purchased for $500. If that’s too much but want the professional version, you can buy Logic Express, a smaller version, for $200.

Last month, Apple added a GarageBand program to the iPad for those who would like to create music using their iPads, which can be purchased on the App Store for $15.

The next session will be Effects this coming Saturday, May 21, at all Guitar Center locations. You must register on Guitar Center’s website prior to the event.

Visit Guitar Center’s website for your local store.