As shoe styles vary, it’s time for the Sperry


Boys Sperry's

Kristen Friis, ScotCenter Editor-in-Chief/Business Manager

Boys Sperry's

Away with the Uggs and rainboots, a new type of shoe is stomping through Carlmont.

These shoes are called Sperry’s. They come in many different styles and colors for boys and girls and recently they’ve been spotted frequently around campus.

“I wear Sperry’s because they pretty much go with a lot of the things I wear and they are also simple,” commented sophomore Alyssa Espiritu. “They can complete an outfit. There is a ridiculous amount of patterns and colors to choose from, but I go towards the more neutral or beige colors.”

“I wear them because they’re comfy, and I mean, they look great,” said junior Julian Smith.

“They are super comfortable and I practically live in them all summer,” said sophomore Becca Fradkin. “They are easy to get on and off without laces.”

The only downside for some people may be the price.

“I wouldn’t really buy too many pairs of Sperry’s with my own money because they are pretty expensive,” said Espiritu. “At Nordstrom, they are $70-$100 which is pricey.”

“I think they are definitely worth the price!” said Fradkin.

The quality of the shoes are questionable, can they last through the spring season?

“I wear them in all weather types, they’re just so awesome,” said junior Liam Mercado.

“I have owned mine for about a year and a half they have molded to my foot just like Rainbow brand flip-flops,” said Fradkin. “Mine have survived the pouring rain numerous times.”

“The Sperrys’ material easily scratches and the color fades which sometimes bothers me, but they still look good,” commented Espiritu. “I make sure that I take good care of them.”
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