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Although distance learning has made it hard to learn dance, it doesn’t stop the dancers from learning. “I feel like I’m constantly learning, no matter what it is, and this year I have learned a lot of new things as well,” said sophomore Alice Finkelstein.
Dancers leap through challenges
Karla Lee, Staff Writer — November 15, 2020

Dance classes are adapting their lessons to distance learning, similar to physical education (PE) and weight training classes.  Because teachers have a hard time teaching dance through Zoom, they use the internet to teach their students. They use YouTube for warmups and to find songs to make choreography...

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A computer displays the Zoom camera on the off setting.
Students claim Zoom cameras affect their learning
Thomas Banner-Haimes November 14, 2020

To best replicate classrooms, many teachers have asked that the students at Carlmont High School turn their cameras on during Zoom classes. The administration has sent out a message saying that the students' cameras should remain on. Sophomore Winston Singh has views on the Zoom cameras that are overall...

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A normally busy hallway lies dormant because students are no longer on campus.
Students and teachers prepare for online finals
Nyah Simpson, Staff Writer — November 12, 2020

Six million.  That is how many students in America are learning online this school year. This means six million students are going to be taking their finals from home.   In March, schools across the country shut down due to COVID-19, and many are continuing their schooling online. In a normal...

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Sophomore Rachel Erlikhman listens to music while completing her math homework.
Students claim music affects their productivity
Jenica Su and Isabel Wright November 10, 2020

Although countless studies have looked into the effect music has on attitudes towards work and motivation, the question still stands if listening to music while completing schoolwork benefits students.  Schools present many difficult obstacles and trials for students that make it hard for students...

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Biotech 1-2 student Hailey North conducts her lab, Culturing Microbes.
BTI students assess the merits of distance learning
Sophia Mattioli, Staff Writer — November 9, 2020

The Biotechnology Institute (BTI), a traditionally very hands-on curriculum, has lost some of its in-person charm with distance learning. Nevertheless, teachers and students continue to adapt and learn in this unique environment. This year, students do not have a safe lab area or the assistance of...

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Carlmont mentors and elementary school students in the Music Mentors program alike are having their lessons over Zoom. The new zoom classroom will be different from the previous year
Music Mentors get sharp new start over Zoom
Rebecca Von Tersch, Staff Writer — November 9, 2020

The Music Mentors program between Carlmont High School and the Belmont-Redwood Shores elementary schools plans to create a new program that encourages ease of learning as a response to the pandemic. Instead of the same one-on-one lessons used at the end of last year, there will be a new format for...

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Students feel overwhelmed with stress, as they are pressured with college applications.
College applications leave students with 'major' decisions
Austin Li, Staff Writer — November 9, 2020

As college application season creeps closer and anxiety continues to grow, students have found themselves amidst a crossfire between conflicting majors.  Like most high school students, Keya Arora, a junior at Carlmont High School, is unsure what she wants to pursue. With all of the interests she...

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With the new distance learning schedule, counselors now meet with their students through Zoom sessions or by phone.
Counseling’s importance grows with pandemic
Linda Lin, Staff Writer — November 5, 2020

Trained to support and serve all students in academic, personal, and social counseling, the Carlmont counseling team is the backbone of student mental health support, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Distance learning forced Carlmont counselors to make changes to support students. Counselors...

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Robotics students must complete their work and training online.
Distance learning forces robotics club to simulate training
Anika Marino, Staff Writer — November 5, 2020

As COVID-19 forces distance learning to continue, clubs are trying to find ways to adapt to the new circumstances, including Carlmont Robotics.  While many clubs may find it easier to switch to online because they mostly involve discussions or individual work, Carlmont Robotics finds this change...

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A classroom at Carlmont High School demonstrates precautions being taken for educational cohorts. It has plexiglass partitions at each desk, with seats measured 6 feet apart from each other.
Carlmont implements educational cohorts for on-campus support
Robin Linares, Staff Writer — November 4, 2020

As COVID-19 rates have started to slow in San Mateo County, Carlmont High School was able to use educational cohorts to open up its doors for some students. While following the guidance of the San Mateo County Pandemic Recovery Framework, Carlmont recently opened up three educational cohorts to give...

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