AVID dominates choir at Carlmont cup semifinals


AVID cheers aftering wininng the Carlmont cup semifinals

Sabrina Leung, Editorial Director


AVID faced off against Carlmont choir in this week’s Carlmont Cup semifinals and won the tiebreaker of blowing up balloons.

Thursday’s game consisted of 4 games, each one worth 1 point each.

AVID got its first point after winning the game of “The Crab Pop,” where players use their butt to pop all the balloons the fastest.

The next game was “Frozen T-shirt,” the player who dressed in the frozen Carlmont gear the fastest wins. Both teams struggled to put on the frozen t-shirt, but the Tim Gachot, who represented choir, managed to dress all the Carlmont gear the fastest, giving choir one point and jumped to a score of 1-1.

In the game of “Yo-yo swing,” players had a yo-yo attached their waist and had to use it to knock down all the bottles. The player who knocks down all the bottles the fastest wins. Catherine Luckenbach represented choir and set the new Carlmont Cup record of completing the task in 46.7 seconds. AVID had a steady start, but failed to beat choir’s record, giving choir a lead of 2-1.

Next was a game of “Suck It Up,” where 2 players from each team had to transfer M&Ms using straws to the opposite side and drop them into a bucket. The team who drops 10 M&Ms into the bucket first wins. Jessica May and Ashley Thompson represented choir and Kiersten Scannell for AVID. AVID beat choir by a couple of seconds, tying up the score to 2-2.

The final tiebreaker game was “Balloons.” In the least amount of time, players had to blow up a balloon until it pops. Both teams had a great start, but Michael Saber,  who represented choir, accidentally let go of the balloon. AVID scored another point, giving a score of 3-2 and ended the first round of the Carlmont Cup semifinals.

Even though choir wasn’t able to beat AVID, they enjoyed competing against them and confident to win next year.

“Choir didn’t lose! Our team spirit was so much better that we know we won by heart. It wasn’t the fairest game, but it was definetley a lot of fun. We are going to win the Carlmont cup next year!” joked sophomore Leesan Kwok.

AVID will play against the winners of the Football vs. Tennis at the Homecoming assembly.