Carlmont’s own, Tupou impresses many across the world


Senior Amelia Tupou manages to impresses many and blow her family away, from nearly 6,500 miles away.

Tupou’s father has lived in the Soloman Islands since 2009 and most recently moved to New Zealand, taking Tupou’s 15 year old brother, David, with him; leaving her with her mother and sister in Belmont.”Family always comes first,” said Tupou.

“David was my best friend, and it is tough not seeing him grow up, it’s just hard because I feel like they’re supposed to be here,” said Tupou.

Being a three year veteran to Carlmont’s varsity volleyball team, she has clearly become an important part of this group. Sophomore Veronica Eghdami said, “I can see just from watching the games that Amelia carries the team.”

“Every ball, every play, every game; I love it, it excites me. Volleyball is what I’m most passionate about. I wouldn’t want to spend my time doing anything else,” said Tupou.

Calrmont’s varsity volleyball team remains undefeated in league.

“The team really is my second family, we spend a lot  of time together, on and off the court,” said Tupou.

Not only does Tupou “excel in everything she does,” according to Kellan McDonough, but she is also spoken highly of among her peers.

Senior Tristan Gasperian has “never heard any bad thing said about Amelia.”

Though Tupou started the scouting process quite late, colleges have begun to recognize her talent. She said, “I can’t imagine myself not playing in college.”

“As far as college [volleyball] goes, I’m just going to keep an open mind. Everyone at some point in their life will get rejected, it’s inevitable. You just have to keep your head up no matter what.”

Tupou’s family and friends hope for the best as this all star looks into college play.