Carlmont choir brings the holiday spirit

Isabella Paragas, Illustrator and Staff Writer

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As the spirit of the holidays is in the air and students can smell the sweet scent of winter break arriving after the much anticipated finals, the Carlmont choir sang carols last Friday, Dec. 16, and Saturday, Dec. 17. Both concerts were a huge success.

There weren’t any major mishaps and we sold out both nights!” gushed Leesan Kwok, a member of the Chamber choir.

All of the choirs, including ensembles, sang a total of 24 festive songs, including the much beloved “Twelve Days After Christmas,” “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree,” and “Time Warp.”

“‘Ave Maria’ was the best song. We have worked on it since summer so everyone in the audience was blown away by the way we sound. We have worked very hard on it for the past few months, and performing it in front of the audience is just so satisfying,” explained Kwok when picking a favorite jingle.

Though preparing for this momentous concert took months of hard work to plan and rehearse, there is always a satisfying feeling the choir feels after seeing how much the audience loved their performance and well-tuned voices.

“The funnest part about Winter Concert was doing my best performing the songs and getting that satisfied feeling afterward,” Kwok said.

At Carlmont, there are eight different sections of choir.

Two for entry level; Men’s Choir and Women’s Choir, and there are also ensembles; In Treble, Fine Tuning, and Out Of The Blue. Then for intermediate singers; Treble Clef, and for the most advanced vocalists; Chamber Singers.

Kwok recommends everyone to join choir.

“I forced one of my friends to join choir, and he reluctantly did so. Now, his favorite class is choir!” exclaimed Kwok.

Kwok also says to watch out for more to come from the Carlmont choirs.

“Chamber Singers is having a concert with renowned music college Chapman University mid-January. Then there’s Desert Theatre in February filled with country music, and in May, we have our Spring Concert,” stated Kwok.

To find out more about the Carlmont choir program, talk to Genevieve Tep, Carlmont’s choir teacher.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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