Carlmont communications: A two way street

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Communication goes two ways: how the information can be offered, and a person’s will to receive and maintain this information.
One of the most classic excuses from students if they miss a club meeting or school event is: “I didn’t hear about it.”

It is this excuse that drives the people in charge of Carlmont publicity crazy.
ASB publicity supervisor and student body vice president Kristi Tom has experienced this frustration first-hand.

“I get really discouraged because publicity works really hard to put up posters and make announcements about upcoming events. Although it is extremely discouraging, we continue to publicize events, in hope that people become more aware of what ASB puts out there,” said Tom.

In short, the people who work behind the scenes to communicate with the student body are insulted when their efforts go to waste.

Principal Raul Zamora takes pride in the way Carlmont communicates, not only to the students, but to anyone who is interested in Carlmont news and events.

We take several pathways in terms of publicizing events. We have the PTSA communicating to parents about events, class information, and sports boosters. Our guidance department sends emails to seniors and juniors about available scholarships. ASB constantly puts in great effort to publicize events. Also, this year, journalism was presented the challenge to keep up the daily bulletin, and they have done a great job,” said Zamora.

Zamora is right. Carlmont offers many different forms of communication. These efforts keep everyone involved in the school informed and up-to-date.

Sophomore D.J. Martin contributed to the discussion of communication, as he stated, “Carlmont does a good job of communicating. Information is in the announcements and all over the school walls.”

Students like Martin are the individuals who pay attention to the publicity provided to them at school. These students serve as examples that Carlmont does a good job


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