Carlmont ‘dashes’ for dollars


Carlmont’s “Dash for Dollars”

Sabrina Leung, Editorial Director

Carlmont’s Student Academic Foundation, also known as CSAF, will be hosting its first Walk-A-Thon on Saturday, April 28 at 10 a.m. at Carlmont’s track.

The “Dash for Dollars” event is open to all students, families, community members, faculty, and alumni. The event will feature a five kilometer race for runners and five kilometer walk/jog for everyone else.

Prizes will be awarded for the fastest runners in various age categories, fundraising winners, and team spirits. Besides running, participants will also receive a free t-shirt, pizza lunch, and enjoy music and random prize drawings.

“We decided to do this because we thought it would raise the most money for our school. I’m looking forward to raising $10,000 for Carlmont and having fun while we do it. We already have some very generous donors that are kicking off our fundraising but are hoping for more,” stated junior Lauren Denney, co-founder of the CSAF.

The Carlmont Academic Foundation was founded in 1995 by a group of volunteers who were committed to enriching the educational program of Carlmont.

This year, Gianna Dimick and Lauren Denney formed the Carlmont Student Academic Foundation (CSAF). The goal of the club is to help Carlmont earn money and support the funds that the school no longer receives from the government. The club also hopes to help the CAF reach its goal of raising $500,000 for Carlmont this year.

“We started this club at Carlmont because we thought it was time that the students step up and help the school,” stated Denny. “Our school has had a lot of budget cuts due to the California state budget issues and we are just trying to help out, so we can still have smaller classes, art programs, clubs, and supplies for our classrooms and labs.”

As of Feb. 28, the CAF grants of over $100,000 have been distributed for the 2011-2012 school year. The grants has allowed Carlmont to maintain smaller class sizes, classroom instructional materials, after-school tutoring, Biotech equipment, and school organizations such as Mock Trial, AVID, and Sojourn to the Past.

Besides fundraising, CSAF also helps plan some school activities.

“This is our first event but fundraising isn’t our only focus. We have held a Thank-a-Thon where we called all CAF donors and let them know that their donations have really helped. We also give tours to alumni when they are on campus,” said Denney.

All the money earned from the “Dash of Dollars” events proceeds funds of on-going CAF goals. Some goals includes funds for basic instructional materials, grants for teachers and students, college guidance, and Naviance.

“We hope to have community members, parents, Carlmont students, and middle and elementary school students participate. The more people that come and have a good time, the better for Carlmont,” said Denney.

Interested participants can register online or make a donation at Registration fees for kids ages K-12 are $20 and adults are $25.