Carlmont’s Got Talent: starring the students


The first day of Carlmont's Got Talent featured a few musical acts.

Karissa Tom, Highlander Editor

The first day of Carlmont's Got Talent  featured a few musical acts.
The first day of Carlmont’s Got Talent

Talent starts with a T, but begins you.

The annual Carlmont’s Got Talent lunchtime activity is a show featuring students around the school showing off their special abilities.

The show began Wednesday, May 8 and will continue on in the month of May. This activity is being held in the Quad during lunch.

Sophomore and lunchtime activities commissioner Raine Kerhin said, “It’s exciting  because it is a way for the students who are not necessarily in the performing arts field to show their amazing talents and for other students to see them perform.”

There are a total of 16 different performances ranging from singing groups to a one-man show.

Acts perform every lunch and a board of three judges decide who gets to move on to the next round. The first rounds are judged by the students and the next will be judged by teachers.

Sophomore Carlos Rama decided to perform in Carlmont’s Got Talent. He played guitar and sang ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ by One Direction and ‘Thinking About You’ by Frank Ocean.

Rama said, “I decided to perform because I wanted to get out there. I’m nervous for sing in front of people but I’m also excited.”

Many of the acts are musical performances including solo singing and band groups.

The winner of Carlmont’s Got Talent receives a $100 gift card to the store of their choice and an opportunity to perform in the Celebration assembly.

Come to the Quad this month to support your favorite contestant and discover new talents.