Preview: Carlmont instrumental’s Chamber Music Night

Sabrina Leung, Editorial Director

The Carlmont Instrumental Music program will hold its annual Chamber Music Night on Friday, Feb. 24 at 7:00 p.m. in the Student Union.

Similar to the choir fundraiser, audience members will be able to enjoy eating desserts while listening to a variety of music. Students will be performing in duets, solos and trios on different instruments.

“Chamber Music Night is great! Carlmont has a lot of talent and it’s great to hear just how much talent we have. Sometimes, really interesting pieces are played. Two years ago, the Super Mario Brothers theme song was played as a duet. Last year, the Churro Cello Quartet played Bad Romance,” stated Lina Tsvirkunova.

“I’ve done it twice before. Once in 7th grade when I performed a song with my older brother and the other time was last year when I played in three different groups,” stated Theo Fedronic.

During the past two weeks, students have signed up to perform at Chamber Music Night. However, only around 15 different acts can perform. Most of the performers are members of Symphony Orchestra, Jazz band or Symphonic Band. Some students even compose their own musical compositions to perform as a group.

“At first, I was concerned if there was going to be enough students signing up to perform, but it turns out a lot of students were interested in performing. It should be a great performance and I hope everyone enjoys it,” said Instrumental Music Director John Dabaldo.

Chamber Music Night is organized by parent volunteer and students. All the money proceeds directly to the Carlmont Instrumental Music program.

Performers are looking forward to a successful night and hope the audience enjoys listening to their music.

“Chamber music night is a great occasion to perform with friends in front of a casual crowd, also great food and desserts. There’s a good variation in music: jazz, classical, pop, rock,” remarked Fedronic.

“I love performing, although I have horrible stage fright. I love music and I hope that people will enjoy my playing. I am looking forward to hearing the talent of other Carlmont musicians. There are usually original pieces played. I hope this year won’t be an exception,” said Tsvirkunova.

Love listening to any genre of music? Tickets are $10 for adults, $8 for students and seniors and $2 for children. Tickets can be bought at or at the front door, but advanced ticket purchase is highly recommended.