‘Draw Something’ is a mobile piece of art

Popular mobile games such as “Angry Birds” and “Words With Friends” come and go like the seasons.

In recent weeks, a new sensation has taken hold of the iPhone and Android community.

“Draw Something” is a relatively simply game. You can play as many of your friends as possible, but every game is between two individual players.

One player sketches chooses a term and sketches it out for the other, who is given a limited letter bank and must guess what the drawing is.

The terms given in the game are random, from household appliances to pop stars such as Adele.

Although the game was released almost two months ago, it began to reach popularity five weeks ago, over which time it has garnered over 20 million downloads.

It has over 10 million daily users, making it the number one game over “Words With Friends” which has 8.2 million daily users.

Draw Something is the creation of developer OMGPop, the company’s first great release.

The numbers behind their advertising says it all. OMGPop has spend zero dollars on marketing since it’s initial release week.

Instead, it relies on it’s users for advertising. Since the game is two player, most users ask their friends to “join” them in a game, after which they become familiar with the game, and in most cases addicted.

One of the few complaints it the challenge level of the game. Most phones have a small screen, making it hard to define, edit, and perfect your drawings.

Users also have limits on the number of colors they can use, having to buy them through “coins” they earn by leveling up with friends.

Carlmont’s students certainly enjoy the game, some even accepting it’s challenges as fun.

Junior Clifton Lau stated “many people think the game is too hard because the drawing area is so small. I like that because it forces you to spend quality time perfecting every artistic masterpiece”.

Indeed, Draw Something is the artistic masterpiece that from now on all other mobile games shall be judged by.

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