Five Guys comes to Belmont

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Belmont has recently gained a hot spot for burgers and fries, specifically Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

The new addition to the popular fast food chain officially opened Feb. 7, 2013. This specific location will employ several Carlmont students, and is located a few miles away from campus in the Belmont Village Center.

Five Guys was started in Arlington, VA by the five Murrell brothers. The Five Guys chain are known for their numerous options when building a burger.
Carlmont students who visited the restaurant on opening day were impressed by what they experienced.

“It was so good, both the food and the service. I would recommend the Cajun fries,” said senior Max McBride.

However, Five Guys is not the only local fast food joint in the Belmont/San Carlos area. In fact, there is an In-N-Out, which is known to be a rival of the Five Guys chain, in San Carlos.

The employees at Five Guys have had successful experiences as well. “Working at Five Guys is fun. There is always something going on and there is energy in the air,” said senior Luke Branscum.

When compared to In-N-Out, McBride explained that Five Guys is “more classy than In-N-Out… you definitely have more burger options.” And while Branscum admitted that Five Guys is “a bit more expensive,” they offer “a better quality burger than most fast food chains.”

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