Freshmen hold its first class meeting


Freshmen attend their first class meeting of the year

Sabrina Leung, Editorial Director

This year’s freshman class held its first class meeting in room A14 during lunch this Wednesday.

Many freshmen students piled inside room A14 to voice their opinions and listened to the upcoming plans for the year. Freshman Class President James Pak and Vice President Megan Guillermo discussed upcoming plans for Homecoming and Powderpuff game.

“I’m glad a lot of people showed up to the meeting today. I hope a lot of people will show up to the Homecoming game and sign up for Powderpuff. However, we don’t have any JV football players to train our Powderpuff players, so we are expecting to be ‘beaten to death by the juniors,’” Guillermo joked.

Some ideas mentioned were designing the Homecoming float, fundraising activities and forming their Powderpuff team. The freshmen are planning to borrow a pick-up truck and decorate it to use as a float at Homecoming.

However, most of the freshman seemed more interested in electing the Homecoming King and Queen.

Afterwards, Pak suggested that they should have multiple fundraisers throughout the year. Some fundraising ideas were car washes, bake sales and selling food.

“We’re not exactly sure what kind of fundraising will we have, but we will definitely have some throughout the year,” stated Guillermo.

Lastly, the officers made sure all freshmen knew about Homecoming week, where everyday of the week is a spirit day. During the Powderpuff games, freshmen play against juniors, while sophomores play against seniors. The winning team from both sides will compete for the Homecoming champion.

Pak and Guillermo look forward to a successful year for the Class of 2015.

“We hope to be more organized about our meetings and have even more people come. Also, get everyone involved in school activities as much as possible,” stated Pak.

Hopefully, all freshmen will fully participate in Homecoming week and defeat the juniors in the Powderpuff game.