Fun national days to kickstart the new year


Cute Baby Dog/theowl84/Creative Commons/CC BY 2.0

A stylish Rottweiler shows off his style in red shades and a patterned nightcap. This is a fabulous inspiration for National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

A wild new year has begun, and the leftover holiday remnants are beginning to thaw into the pattern of daily life. Anticipation for the new year mixes with worry for what’s to come as America finds the balance between hope for the new year and lingering sadness from the past. 

Whichever side you may be, there is something to celebrate in 2022, and it is important to focus on the small joys in life. If you are looking for inspiration for your day and making every day a little bit special, consider joining the celebration of these little-known national days. 


Jan. 14, National Dress Up Your Pet Day 

Pets are one of the great joys of life, a valuable family member that never fails to make your day better. The name of this day tells you how to celebrate it. Use this happy Friday to show off your pet’s style, and join the social media hashtag #nationaldressupyourpetday to share a smile with the world. 


Jan. 15, National Bagel Day 

Nothing’s quite like starting the day with a hot, toasty bagel with cream cheese or butter. Celebrate an American staple this Saturday day by eating a bagel, making a bagel, and spreading the love by giving a bagel! Many stores offer discounts or even free items on this day, so check out the website of your favorite bagel shop for a wonderful surprise. 


Jan. 19, National Popcorn Day

Can you imagine going to the movies without popcorn? Popcorn is a munch for any occasion, from simple kettle corn to kernels buttered, caramelized, or surrounded by chocolate. National Popcorn Day is an opportunity to appreciate the easy-but-fabulous delicacy that’s been popping away since the days of the Aztecs. 


Jan. 21, National Hugging Day

The world could use some love at the moment, so hug your favorite people and spread the love! Besides being emotionally supportive, hugs are scientifically proven to help de-stress, boost your health, and make you happier. 

“We need four hugs a day for survival. We need eight hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth,” said Virginia Satir, a family therapist.

Take time on this day to make the world a better place and give a hug.


Jan. 24, National Compliment Day 

This day was created to encourage connections and spread positivity for all to level up in confidence. Sincere compliments can go a long way in making someone’s day or week, and while you should regularly compliment people, take this day to be extra loving. 


Jan. 25, National Opposite Day

To celebrate Opposite Day, you simply say everything in the opposite meaning, like the childhood game you played for fun. While some say the opposite day can’t exist, as you claim it does, it would mean the opposite – that it does exist. Likewise, claiming it is opposite day would make it nonexistent. However, we will choose to ignore this paradox and return to having fun like the good old days. 


Jan. 31, National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

In 2022, the world finally came to appreciate the beauty of bubble wrap through pop-its. This day is another chance to give thanks for the exquisite joy of popping noises and enjoy one of the small satisfactions in life. 


Continue to inspire yourself through the little things in life. There is no restriction telling you that today, a national day, can’t be the best day yet.