Girls soccer team scores victory at Carlmont Cup


Sabrina Leung, Editorial Director

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Carlmont’s girls soccer faced off against girls water polo team in this week’s Carlmont Cup and scored victory after two tie-breaker rounds of blowing up balloons.

Friday’s competition consisted of four games, each worth one point.

The girls soccer team scored their first point after winning the first round of pulling tissues out of a box the fastest, giving them a 1-0 lead.

The next game was “Suck It Up,” where 2 players from each team had to transfer M&Ms using straws to the opposite side and drop them into a bucket. The team who drops 10 M&Ms into the bucket first wins. The girls soccer team finished first by a couple of seconds and jumped to a score of 2-0.

In the game of “Jumping Hoops,” players had to jump-rope using a hula hoop as a rope; the girl who jumped the most in one minute wins. Gianna Dimick won with 40 jumps and scored one point for the water polo team.

Next was a game of “Cream Head.” One player had to wear a swimming cap that was fully covered with shaving cream. The other player had to throw popcorn at their partner’s head. The team with the most popcorn on their teammate’s head gets the one point.

Girls soccer won again with a total of  seven pieces of popcorn on their player’s head, while girls water polo only had one piece of popcorn on their player’s head.

The final game was “Balloons.” In the least amount of time, players had to blow up a balloon until it pops. Emma Smith represented water polo while Malak El-Khatib  represented soccer. El-Khatib beat Smith by a couple of seconds, but was called in for a re-match because she had popped the balloon with her hands.

In the last chance tie-breaker, Monika Skinner represented water polo and Amelia Jacobs for soccer. Girls soccer scored a perfect goal after winning this round for the second time by one minute. The Carlmont Cup ended with a score of 3-1.

Girls soccer has moved on to the next round and hope to win the Carlmont Cup.