Insight on Super Bowl commercials

Every year professional football players must break hundreds of tackles, run thousands of yards, and score many touchdowns in order to reach the top of their sport: the Super Bowl. This event is considered one of the most popular television events in the world. Millions of Americans sit around their televisions, not only to watch this incredible display of athleticism, but also the commercials. For many of these fans, the commercials are as important, if not more, than the game itself. This year was no different, with America’s top corporations paying more than 3.8 million for 30 seconds of the audience’s attention. Most were hilarious, some were emotionally moving, and one in particular was absolutely disturbing. Here are the best and worst commercials of the 2013 Superbowl.

The Funniest:
Volkswagens’ “Get in. Get Happy”
This commercial was made up a grim office environment where every worker seems sad and depressed, except for one. A white man cavorts around speaking joyously in a Jamaican accent and spreads the joy to his fellow workers, even his boss. Senior Mark Gustincic liked this commercial because “Most car commercials are really boring and dull, but this one was really different”. Although this commercial was plagued with accusations of racism over white people speaking in Jamaican accents, it was original and clever.

The Grossest:
GoDaddy’s “Big Kiss”
The beginning of this commercial seemed to start out well, with swimsuit model Bar Refaeli sitting in a chair next to a stereotypical looking nerd. Suddenly, they began making out and the camera zooms in, complete with over the top sound effects. Somehow this commercial was meant to show that the use of GoDaddy was both sexy and smart at the same time, but the only thing it seemed to do was make the audience nauseous.

The Happiest:
Audi’s “Prom”
In this commercial, a high school boy is coaxed by his parents into going to prom, by himself. However, right before he leaves, his dad gives him the keys to the Audi, sparking a sense of bravery within him. He goes to the dance, kisses the prom king’s girlfriend, and ends with him speeding away in the Audi screaming in joy with a black eye.

Most Disturbing:
Calvin Klein’s “Concept”
To say this commercial was hard to watch is an understatement. It stars a Calvin Klein model bare naked except for a tiny pair of underwear as he strikes random poses and flexes. Not one of those commercials that you want to watch with your mother.

Best Celebrity Appearance:
Best Buy’s “Asking Amy”
The comedian Amy Poehler visits her local Best Buy where an employee asks her if she has any questions. She begins asking a multitude of hilarious and off-topic questions and even begins to hit on the employee.

Most American:
Jeep’s “Whole Again”
This two minute commercial, narrated by Oprah Winfrey, was far different from the other commercials. Instead of using humor, this commercial utilized patriotism and honored the men and women in the American military. It reminded the audience that without their help, the Super Bowl wouldn’t have even happened.

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