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Parents and students walk the halls of Carlmont looking for the classes they're interested in during Open House.

Open House offers insight into future classes

March 16, 2018

Carlmont has numerous course selections for its students that allow them to explore their interests, whether they be in art, science, math, or any other subject. When it come...

Students give insight about moving on as a community

January 23, 2017

Adriana Ramirez reports on students' opinions of how to accept a new president and how to move on together.

Insight on Super Bowl commercials

February 27, 2013

Every year professional football players must break hundreds of tackles, run thousands of yards, and score many touchdowns in order to reach the top of their sport: the Super Bowl. This event is considered one of the most popular television events in the world. Millions of Americans sit around their televisions, not only to watch this incredible display of athleticism, but also the commercials. For...

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