Student Reactions: A week of stormy weather


wet lunch table

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wet lunch table

Last week weather forcasters called for extended periods of rain in the coming week, predicting more rainfall then the bay area has seen in a while. Those predictions came true.

Since Monday, it’s been raining almost nonstop, constantly either misting or showering. With Carlmont having an outside campus, students have been affected by the rain the most.

Starting their day from their cars, students have to walk from either senoir parking lot or the student drop off spot if they are lucky, or one of the surrounding streets, all the way to the school. This trek isn’t particulary difficult on most days, but when it rains it becomes very long.

Thanks to non-waterproof backpacks, many students complain about their binders and school papers getting wet in the rain.

“It’s so frustrating! I don’t even mind the rain that much normally. But when your backpack gets all wet and your notebooks and stuff get soggy it’s annoying,” commented Abbey Holman.

Even after students get to school they have to deal with the rain all day long. Because it’s an outdoor campus, almost every student is out in the open between every class. This means that five times a day, not including lunch, students have to walk in the rain to get to their classes.

The rain has even caused a few mishaps around school. The combination of crowed hallways, the result of students trying to avoid the rain, and the wet ground led to one these mishaps Thursday with Carlmont student, Ericka Kubish.

“My feet flew out from under me. My but hit the floor and I tried to stand up as quick as possible because I knew that my pants would be soaked,” exclaimed Kubish. “And sure enough they were. I had to sit on a heater all first period to dry them.”

Carlmont students should be comforted by the fact that the forcast for next week is predicting little, if any, rain.