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Different reactions to block scheduling

April 17, 2019

Jai Sinha reports on students' reactions to 105 minute periods, and how they think the schedule could be improved.

¡Exploremos! is one of the many companies the language department at Carlmont is considering for the new textbooks.

Textbook piloting receives mixed reactions

December 4, 2017

Times are changing and with it the textbooks of the Carlmont world language department. After more than 10 years of using the same material, it's time for a change. According...

The 2016 election receives mixed reactions

December 8, 2016

Adriana Ramirez reports on the 2016 election and how it shocked many as the results were not the expected results.

Scots homecoming dance

Mixed reactions for 2013 Carlmont Homecoming dance

October 24, 2013

One of the most heavily discussed topics on Carlmont’s campus this past week has been the Homecoming dance. The homecoming dance is the culmination of the annual homecoming ...


Gory “Hannibal” met with mixed reactions

April 7, 2013

Yet another crime-based series has entered the realm of television. However, some may find this one more dark and disturbing than the others because of its incorporation of one of...

Changes in Catholic Mass elicit a variety of reactions in churchgoers

Changes in Catholic Mass elicit a variety of reactions in churchgoers

June 1, 2012

[media-credit name="Anna Wheeler" align="aligncenter" width="200"][/media-credit]The Catholic Church has been around since about 107 and is the world's largest Christian church, with ...

wet lunch table

Student Reactions: A week of stormy weather

March 16, 2012

[media-credit id=51 align="alignnone" width="300"][/media-credit]wet lunch table Last week weather forcasters called for extended periods of rain in the coming week, predicting more rain...

Students’ reactions to Wallace’s YouTube sensation

March 24, 2011

UCLA student, Alexandra Wallace, posted an appalling video on YouTube “Asians in the Library,” a rant about “hordes of Asians” at UCLA.  The video included a tirade of...

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