Leadership class takes on the clothes drive


Third period leadership has taken the initiative to run a clothing drive to help victims of human trafficking.

“I had expressed to my class that I wanted them to do a class project that would benefit the school, or get the school involved,”said leadership teacher Jim Kelly.

This project, being held from Jan. 27 to Jan. 31, has given the new leadership class an opportunity to put use of their skills for a good cause.

“Everyone in the class has a certain role; we have people taking care of publicity, getting bins, sending emails… I’m part of the group in charge of making a video,” said sophomore leadership student, Natalie Stainton.

Third period leadership is a class compiled of 20 students, both lower and upperclassmen, who learn interactive leadership curriculum

“In third period, students learn about the art and science of leadership get the chance to apply those lessons in real world projects, like the clothes drive,” said Kelly.

“All the prep work for the clothes drive has been really stressful, but we all know what we have to do,”  said sophomore leadership student Camryn Choye. “With that, hopefully it’ll be a success.”

Third period leadership is not to be confused with the Associated Student Body (ASB). While both are taught by Kelly, there are some distinct differences between the two.

“The biggest difference between the two classes is that fourth period ASB is project based, while third period leadership is much more curriculum based,” said Kelly.

Kelly is looking to add another leadership class next year.  According to Kelly, “The question for next year is ‘What is third period going to look like?'”

Kelly is in the process of getting his leadership classes to qualify as a career technical education course (CTE).

“The way I look at it, is that this year’s third period is essentially step one as an introduction to leadership, and next year it may be like step two, and ASB will almost be like step three,” said Kelly.

The possibility of splitting ASB into two separate classes to allow more students in, has not won much popularity among the current ASB members.

“ASB is expanding and that’s whats scaring me because we may have to split it into two classes,” said junior and  ASB Assemblies Supervisor Anna Shutovksa.

“The fun thing about ASB is that you feel like a family, and the more people, and the more [ASB] classes there are, the harder it is to bond with everyone,” said Shutovska.

According to sophomore class president Timmy Miller, “There will be more people from leadership expecting to get into ASB, and some people will end up mad. Though, in the end it will be beneficial because people are going to work harder to get in and stay in.”

Both leadership and ASB will continue to benefit the school, despite possible changes in the coming year.

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