Local fall activities to embrace the season


Margot Graves

A Stanford student bikes through the Stanford campus bike paths.

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of fall-inspired activities to take part in this November. As the weather becomes colder, you may find yourself wondering how to spend your time, but there are many fun things to do that embrace the season.

Here are some local fall activities to enjoy the beauty of fall and prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

1. Go for a hike to see the pretty leaves

The weather in California this time of year is ideal for a serene hike. Going for a hike is a great way to see all the colors changing on the leaves.

As winter gets closer, people start to spend less time outdoors, but a hike is perfect for soaking in vitamin D and boosting your mental and physical health.

The area surrounding Carlmont has some beautiful hikes, including the Upper Crystal Springs Reservoir, the Edgewood Trail, and the El Corte de Madera Creek Loop.

2. Head to the farmers’ market

Pick up some butternut squash or fresh pears at your local farmers’ market for a lovely weekend outing. The farmers’ market has some great vegetables and fruits to accompany your fall meal.

Check out the San Carlos Farmers’ Market on Sundays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in downtown San Carlos, or head to the Belmont Farmers’ Market on the same day and time.

3. Host a potluck Friendsgiving dinner

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a good feast while spending time with your friends? Getting together a potluck Friendsgiving dinner is a great way to get in the holiday spirit.

Have everyone bring their favorite family Thanksgiving dish to share and enjoy with their friends.

4. Gather around a campfire in the backyard

Grab the fixings for s’mores and some firewood to enjoy an ambient fall night in the backyard. This straightforward activity can create a great night with friends and family. 

As summer has ended, people may believe they are done spending time outside, but a fire can keep you warm while enjoying the fresh autumn air.

5. Watch Sunday night football with friends

Nothing screams fall like Sunday night football. Grab your favorite game-day snacks and watch your favorite team out on the field.

NFL football starts in August and goes until February, making the perfect fall activity.

6. Mix up a seasonal recipe

Whether it’s an apple pie or the Trader Joe’s Pumpkin bread mix, baking is a perfect activity for those rainy days in the fall. 

Check out this apple pie recipe from one of the greatest pie makers in New York, or this delicious pumpkin mousse. If you’re looking for a more convenient treat, you could try these easy no-bake s’mores in a jar recipe.

7. Bike around the Stanford campus

The leaves on the Stanford campus are beautiful this time of year; take a bike around on their already made paths and enjoy the scenery. Stop for a cupcake on your way out at the Town and Country shopping center. 

As school gets stressful and tests start to pile up, it is essential to take some time to enjoy the beauty around you and embrace the fall season. Fall truly is an amazing season of change and bringing people together, whether it’s your family gathering at Thanksgiving or your friends enjoying quality time together. Whether you sit by a campfire in the backyard with some friends or bake some apple pie, you may even find yourself enjoying fall more than you thought you would.

Said best by Dan Millan, “Autumn leaves shower like gold, like rainbows, as the winds of change begin to blow.”