‘Pretty Little Liars’ back with more questions than ever


Season three of Pretty Little Liars was continued on Jan. 8, 2013 on ABC Family, when many Carlmont students intently watched the addicting show.

Although the plot has remained steadily similar since the beginning of season one, the show still manages to capture a very large audience, mostly made up of teenage girls. Pretty Little Liars is considered a mystery-thriller, appealing to many females because of the tempting mystery. 

PLL is about a group of girls who are being tormented by someone known as ‘A.’ When the group was in middle school their friend Alison was murdered, and the murderer was never found.

Gianna Schuster explained her love for the show, “I love how the journey to find ‘A’ is filled with suspense, but they are really starting to drag it out a bit too far.”

Many agree with Schuster, seeing as the main mystery of the show is to find out who ‘A’ is, and some viewers are getting quite impatient since the show is on its third season and still no answer.

The girls have been searching for answers, meanwhile someone is anonymously sending them texts, stalking them, and trying to hurt them.

The more the show goes on, the more complicated the story gets and the more questions are raised. At this point in the season, some fans feel like there are more questions being created than answered, which is beginning to be frustrating.

“This season is way more obvious and the suspense just isn’t at its peak anymore. Things are becoming too predictable now, which takes away the best part of the show,” commented Schuster on the most recent season.

Although season three lacks some suspense and is somewhat predictable, viewership continues to be high, in part to the die hard PLL fans who will not stop watching no matter what.

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